Current Projects

PhD: School of English/Centre for Indigenous and Settler-Colonial Studies, University of Kent

My PhD project compares representations of the museum-space in Native North American and Māori literature and film. Focusing on the evolution from contested spaces to reclamations and alternative imaginings, the research asks how museums have been represented and re-imagined through fictional forms in order to understand the potential to transform museum practice.

Science Museum: Researcher, Culturally Sensitive Objects

I work part-time as a researcher at the Science Museum, developing an approach to managing sacred, secret and otherwise culturally sensitive objects in the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum collections which are held at the Science Museum on a long-term loan basis.

Indigenous Literature Reading Group: Centre for Indigenous and Settler-Colonial Studies

Alongside my colleague, Holly-May Treadwell, I co-run a reading group based at CISC which invites reflections on a range of Indigenous books. We are open to all, please email to be added to our meeting mailing list.